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The company was founded in 2013. The executive partner Jens Craney realized his vision of high-quality, but affordable high-performance industrial doors. The company founder was himself managing director of well-known companies in the door industry for many years and was therefore firmly established in the industry.
So it is not surprising that his company has complied with the request of many customers to produce high-speed doors away from the cheap mainstream.



Fast, reliable, durable:

Cost-effective high-speed doors from ALIGA-Tor

The rapid action doors from ALIGA-Tor are developed for high speeds so that the movement of goods between production areas can flow smoothly.

High speeds and opening frequencies put a strain on the entire door construction. The consequence of the top speeds are high load changes that place stress on the material. For this reason, we use solid galvanized steel or V2A stainless steel for all mechanical parts of our rapid action doors. This competitive quality feature has its price, but it pays off for our customers through high reliability and low maintenance costs.

The innovative controls from the controller specialist FEIG  play a key role in intelligent door management. Fast closing and opening cycles ensure fewer waiting times in front of the gates and low heat losses - with minimal material wear.
Especially in demanding environmental conditions, for example. With our deep-freeze doors, we can guarantee safe and trouble-free operation at all times.
The frequency converter control relieves the entire door mechanism and ensures wear-free processes with gentle starting and braking. The service life of the high-speed doors increases significantly - with optimized operating processes and maximum economic efficiency.

Made in Germany

We produce our high-speed doors exclusively in Germany. As a result, we can offer comprehensive service and consulting in addition to optimal product quality. This also applies to the manufacturers of such important components as motors and controls that we use in our doors.

All work steps, from construction to final assembly, take place in our factory in Melle-Gesmold (district of Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany).


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