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Rapid action doors from Aliga-Tor

High-speed doors represent a technical advancement of the well-known sectional doors or roller doors.
High opening and closing speeds and their frequency during operation cause great loads.
These forces must be taken into account in the design. In addition, boundary conditions such as size and installation location can result in
can result in considerable demands on the safety and control technology.

For this reason, in addition to complete production in Germany, we also rely on consistent "Made in Gernany" quality from our suppliers.

"Made in Germany

From the idea to the finished door.

We produce top-class rapid action doors at our Melle site in Germany: 

  • Universal rapid action doors for industry.

  • Energy-saving doors for the refrigeration and deep-freeze industry.

  • Supermarket doors: Specially developed for the requirements in food retailing.

  • ALIGA-Escape: Worldwide unique rapid action doors,
    especially for use in escape routes or rescue routes. 

Our corporate philosophy is characterised by high quality standards. We have a high personal esteem for our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Always with the aim of offering individual and customised solutions for rapid action doors.

This is the basis for our success.

Aliga-Rapida rapid action door

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Energy saving doors for high energy efficiency

ALIGA-EST: The high-speed door revolution for use in deep-freeze facilities.


Doors for Supermarkets and Malls

The ALIGA SMD high-speed door was specially developed for the discounter sector.


For use in escape and emergency routes

The ALIGA Escape is not only a smart solution for fire protection.

★ ALIGA.Escape
Our industrial doors are much more than fast roller doors!

All doors are manufactured without exception at our production site in
Melle-Gesmold (district of Osnabrück).
From the frame to the console to the drive shaft, only high-strength materials made of steel or stainless steel are used.

An important unique selling point is the light grid (protection class IP67) we install. This component is low-maintenance, safe and easy to install.
In conjunction with the absolute encoder, the electronics monitor the closing level of the door leaf up to a height of 2500 mm.
This means that the control unit knows at all times the position of the closing edge during door travel.
People or objects are thus reliably detected and collisions prevented.

Frequency converter control and anti-crash system

The control by a frequency converter relieves the door mechanics by gentle starting and braking of the door curtain. This extends the service life of the mechanical components and thus also of the door.
In addition, the electronics ensure low-wear, quiet door operation despite the high opening and closing speeds.

Short opening and closing times reduce energy loss and prevent draughts. This enables undisturbed operation.

The combination of anti-crash system and flexible end profiles prevents damage to people, machines and the door. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum.
The high-speed door automatically reinserts itself into the guide rails after a crash. As a rule, no service is required.

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